Library policies

COVID-19 Policies

Change in Access to Tisch Library

Beginning Friday, September 17, entry to Tisch Library for all students, faculty and staff will be by ID card tap-in. Hours are Sunday through Saturday, 7:45am-3:00am.

Visitors to campus can use the library; they must show their CDC card as proof of vaccination. Hours for visitors are Sunday - Saturday, 7:45am - 9:00pm. Please call 617-627-3347 for admission.

Tufts requires that all individuals continue to wear masks indoors and refrain from eating in the library (with the exception of reserved rooms). All people coming to the library will need to: 

Art exhibits in the library

Tisch Library showcases student artwork of all media throughout the library, including the Tower Gallery, the main lobby, and the lower level of the main stairwell. If you’re interested in exhibiting artwork, please contact the Director's Office at for further information.

Exhibit displays in the library

Exhibit displays are tied to programs or events sponsored by Tufts Departments, Centers, or official student organizations and are educational and timely. Please email to inquire about displaying exhibits in the library. 

Photography & filming 

All filming and photography activities in Tisch Library are arranged and coordinated through the Director's Office, in order to minimize disruption of the normal activities of the library. 

Request to film and take photographs in the library must be made in writing one week before filming and must include the dates and times you want to shoot. Download the filming and photography request form (PDF) and email it to for approval.

Advanced approval is not needed for:

  • taking a few pictures of sculpture or artwork in the library which does not require advance notification or the attached form.
  • brief filming or photography done by parents/prospective students on library tours.

Students, faculty, staff or visitors may not be filmed without written consent. Photos for publication should be identified by artist's name (see label on artwork) with a citation that they are part of the Tufts University Permanent Art Collection.

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